It is with a heavy heart we share this news.

Last week we lost one of our main volunteers, Efrem.


He was a Marine.

Efrem put in about 80 hours (non paid) a week volunteering with Patriots and Paws, he rode along and did pickups getting the items that we give away. He spend countless hours organizing our warehouse and helping the Veterans, Active Duty, and Reservists we serve.

He had been volunteering with us for about 8 years.

He was a major doer for us.

He worked in the rain, gave us his blood, sweat and tears over all these years.

We would be still moving from our old location if it wasn’t for him.

It will take a platoon to replace this man. Patriots and Paws would not be where we are today, without all of his endless hours of work.

He changed the lives of many of those he came in contact with.

He loved the Lord with all his heart and upon his last breathe he is with his maker. He loved life!

Efrem my friend, one who had my back more than once, you are missed. (PL)

Penny Lambright

Founder/CEO/Board Chair

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