Fall Open House

Come out Saturday, October 15th


We have been picked to be Subaru “Share the Love” beneficiary for Ocean Subaru, Fullerton.

If you need a new or used car check them out.



Veterans of all conflicts this is just for you.

ActiveDuty ReservistsYouAreNOTAlone


A time for you to be with your Military Brothers and Sisters, no agenda, very casual.

This is a rain or shine event.


September  Stats

Veterans/Active Duty/Reservists helped 153

Volunteer Hours 1258

Donation Pickups 100


Since our beginning…

Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists Helped 10,175

Volunteer Hours 123,152.80

10,075  Donation Pickups Made



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We are honored to serve those who provide us our Freedom.

Patriots and Paws is the conduit.

Donors are the electricity.

Veterans are the lamps.

Because of compassion, our Veterans light up so they are no longer living in the dark.

With the support of generous donors, our warehouse is stocked with items that are needed to make a home. Basic things like linens, dishes, couches, and lamps.  Since we have continued to do pickups and others have stopped, we have been given an abundance of gently used items. In addition to adding an extra pick up day a week, we are now scheduling out 4-5 weeks to maintain these pickups.

In 2022 we have continued to serve Warrior Warehouse/Camp Pendleton Rotary with our over abundance of generous donations.  We have started to make a monthly deliver to Fort Irwin.

Because we have limited warehouse space, we have had to make a tough decision to as to what we take to be sure we have the most requested items in stock.

On Memorial Day weekend 2020, we started a “Leave Your Burden Behind” wall.  We encourage everyone who visits to use it.  We walk with them to the wall, give them a sharpie, and tell them to leave behind whatever is weighing them down.

We ask them not to sigh it and encourage them to read it out loud to themselves. We suggest they take some time to read the burdens left by others so they know they are not alone. Then, we quietly walk away to give them much needed privacy.

We believe everyone should have the chance to have a positive moment to take with them into the future. It is amazing to read the burdens our heroes are leaving on this wall.

So much hurt and disappointment.  If we save one person from suicide, then it is worth it all.


To understand how our clients have changed, we regularly send out surveys.

Here is just a small sample of the hope and dignity our heroes are sharing:

I am able to spend my minimum wage checks on my newborn baby. Instead of buy basic items.

It made me feel good that I have furniture that was worth taking with me there should be more places like this for the vets thank you very much

When one is on an extremely tight budget, cannot get many of the everyday necessities, it does help when furniture, kitchenware & other household items are donated. it help with paying for other necessities of life; i.e. electrical bill, phone bill, bus pass, etc…

Patriots and Paws save me I had an air mattress and a camping chair in a three-bedroom two-bath house couldn’t afford anything else cuz everything went to moving in and they just stepped in and gave me everything.

Great service made to feel human even when down and out.


When we help each Veteran, we give an average value of $700 worth of furnishings through the kind donations of gently used items. Even with the items donated, it costs us about $250.00 per Veteran so we help to continue to do this work.

We are able to keep the cost down with the help of:

  • volunteers, who give their blood, sweat and tears to take care of our Veterans
  • companies whose employees come in and give their time and match funds when their employees donate to us
  • Veterans who come back to volunteer and give their time to help other Veterans
  • students who come in give their time

Since we started at the end of 2011, we have helped over 9,800 Veterans and their families, our volunteers have put in over 120,000 hours and we have done over 9,850 pickups, this doesn’t include donations that have been dropped off.

If you are considering giving, we would be grateful for any donation.  If you are able, we truly hope you consider supporting Patriots and Paws as a monthly donor and  attending our events so our Veterans, Active Duty, and Reservists know they are part of a community that cherishes their presence.

Penny Lambright,

CEO, Founder, and Board Chair

Ways you can support Patriots and Paws

  • Give Cash in a lump sum or become one of our monthly donors.
    Cash is an easy way to give each year.  You will receive a dated receipt from Patriots and Paws so you can properly document your cash gift.  A canceled check provides sufficient documentation only for gifts by check if they are less than $250.  Visit our Donation Page to Donate Cash Now!


  • Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) #29090
    The mission of the CFC is to promote and support philanthropy through a program that is employee focused, cost-efficient, and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all.  More info about CFC


  • AmazonSmile
    Do you shop on Amazon?  Register Patriots and Paws as your charity of choice and Amazon will make a donation on your behalf every time you use the smile.amazon.com link to buy.  More info about AmazonSmile



  • Give appreciated stock or other property
    When you give property to Patriots and Paws, we’ll sell it, and you will eliminate all the capital gains tax you would have paid had you sold it yourself.  Your gift will be deductible at its full fair market value as of it’s date of delivery if you have held it for more than one year.


  • Invest in a life income plan
    A life income gift provides you with payments for the rest of your life, and Patriots and Paws with support thereafter.  If you use appreciated securities that you’ve owned longer than a year to fund the gift, you will be entitled to an income tax deduction based, in part, on the charitable portion of the security’s full value.


  • Real estate, artwork, or other property
    Give personal or real property that would have resulted in the greatest capital gain if you would have sold the asset instead.


  • Donate a life insurance policy
    A gift of a life insurance policy you no longer need makes a perfect year-end gift.  To qualify as a deductible gift, Patriots and Paws must become the policy owner.  For most types of insurance policies, your tax deduction is usually the cost basis or the fair market value of the policy – whichever is less.




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