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To provide Veterans/Active Military/Reservists and their families throughout Southern California basic home furnishings for newly acquired residences.  Additionally, at Patriots and Paws for those Veteran/Military service folks that are interested, they can be matched up with a rescued companionship animal. We provide resources to support and guide them as they transition into civilian life. All provided FREE of charge.

We serve from Fresno, CA to the Pacific Ocean to the Mexican Border, to the Arizona Border.  Our limitations are only as far as someone will come to us.

It is estimated that 95% of those we help have been homeless and have recently gotten their HUD/VASH housing vouchers or some other type of housing.  We will help ANY Veteran/Active Military/Reservist, they don’t have to be wounded, disabled, a certain branch or a rank, just one of the 8% who have served or the.04% that are currently serving our Country.

We are an ALL-Volunteer organization.  We would like to be able to put to work some of those Veteran volunteers who have been putting in countless hours to make sure we are taking better care of our Veterans.  They are giving back because we helped them out; we took care of them in their hour of need.

We work with about 60 other Veteran organizations that refer their Veterans to us. Currently, we have four programs, two recently launched.

Provisions for Patriots

We provide basic home furnishings for our Veterans/Active Military/Reservists.  It can be as simple as kitchenware or a full apartment including couches, dining room tables, beds, linens, end tables, coffee tables, etc.  This gives them some dignity back and gets them off the floors.  Since most of those we help are formally homeless, they don’t have access to these items.

Paws Partners

We provide a rescued companionship animal that is currently on shots, spayed, and has a micro-chipped.  These animals provide the unconditional love that so many of our Veterans need.  Many times our Veterans need to tell their stories, but don’t have an outlet that is non judgmental and an animal provide this.

Patriots Veterans Resource Center (newly launched)

We provide a safe environment to our Veterans who need a place that they can come and use computers for job search, schoolwork, or as a way to connect with their family and friends.  We also have resources from other agencies for them available.

Patriots Lounge (newly launched)

We use the lounge for individual and group counseling, lead by Professional Therapists who are Veterans.  We also intend to use this room as a music room and a movie room for those who are looking for a safe environment to hang out with their fellow Veterans.  We find that a lot of “therapy” happens when they are in a safe place and can be themselves without any judgment of civilians.  One of the other areas we will be starting is a Single Father Support Group, this will be lead by Veterans who were or are single fathers.  We will be building up better fathers who in return will be building up better children.  We will also have parenting classes.

We would like to expand our programs to include a “Multipurpose Room”. We have professional chefs that are Veterans who want to come back and teach basic cooking classes, some who want to teach basic book keeping.  We also see the need where when our Veterans who live in apartments don’t have the ability to do wood working or other projects where they live because they don’t have the space.

In November 2013, we moved into our current location and immediately out grew it.  We emptied 6 storage units that were 30 feet deep, by 15 feet wide, by 15 feet high that were full floor to ceiling in to our warehouse.  Our local communities have been amazing by donating items to us.  We are like the Goodwill and Salvation Army, except there is no cost to the Veterans who we serve.

We need to get a larger location currently we are in a 5200 square foot warehouse with 3 offices.  We need at least 10,000 – 15,000 square feet to get to where we need to be.  We have companies that want to donate product, but we currently have to turn it down because we don’t have the space.  We are also in need of at least two box trucks that are 16-24 feet with a lift gate to allow us to acquire more items that we pick up.  Having an additional truck we could offer to deliver items to Veterans who don’t have the means to get items from us.

Patriots and Paws received its 501(c)(3) status in November of 2011.  Since our inception we have helped in 2012 over 225 families, in 2013 over 500 families, and in 2014, we have helped over 900 families.  We are young in age but we are mighty getting the job done, we fill the gap where there is a need.

Patriots and Paws have been funded from the Founder’s family inheritance.  Her father was a Master Sgt. in the United State Marine Corps and served in Korea and WWII.  In the 50’s her father built basic home furniture out of fruit crates for himself and his wife, there was a need back then as much as there is a need today.  We are not aware of any other programs that provide these much needed program like our Provision for Patriots.  All of the programs we provide are FREE to the Veterans, Active Military and Reservists.

You can view our Testimonials page and see first hand some of the Veterans we have helped.  We ask them to do a commercial about what it means to them to be helped by Patriots and Paws.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.  When you are in our area, we would love to give you a tour.

9121Atlanta Avenue #471, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (mailing address only)

*Recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3)          *Federal Tax ID38-3852940

www.patriotsandpaws.org      info@patriotsandpaws.org


*Audited Financials Available Upon Request



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