Cruise with a Vet Was a Whale of a Time

John Stryker Tilt Meyer - Patriots and Paws Cruise with a VetAugust 2nd, 2015, 1st Annual Patriots and Paws Golf Tournament auction winners raised anchor from Newport Beach for an adventure that will not be forgotten.

On board was auction winner Colin Mackenzie, with our Honored guest and Board of Directors Member, John Stryker ‘Tilt’ Meyer, author of 2 books about his heroic exploits in the secret war in Vietnam.  Colin also brought is lovely wife, mother, and a group of  fun loving friends.

In total, there were probably close to 20 people on the boat, with lots of room spare, the vessel was magnificent.  When we left that morning, we had no idea what kind of experience we were in for.  Everyone was grateful to be amongst friends, and out on the water on a vivid blue skied Sunday afternoon.

During our 4 hour adventure on that Sunday morning, we saw a whale breach the surface no less than a dozen times!  In the pictures below, if you flip through the ones that look alike real fast, you’ll see a little movie and can easier see the blow of the whale, and the follow through of the tail coming out of the water when it dove.

We weren’t the only ones that had an exciting whale watching adventure, there were probably 30 to 50 dolphins playing, diving, rolling and jumping around in the water near where the whale was sunning.

We want to extend a huge thank you to Captain Rick Vanderpool, Rick’s fiance Andrea, and Mike Selix for donating this auction item, and exceeding everyone’s expectations with your warmth welcome, your passion, and your time that you spent making this trip possible.

Here are some pictures from the trip.  Again, the ones that look the same, are probably a series of shots of the whale breaching the surface.  Click on the first picture, and scroll through quickly for a cool, stop-motion film experience!

Ready to Launch (and Lunch)

Click on any picture to scroll through larger images

Whale Watching

Click on any picture to scroll through larger images – scroll through quickly for stop motion film!

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