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Here at Patriots and Paws, we believe that in order to help Veterans, we have to take a multi-pronged approach.  We help Veterans with physical needs, like furniture, kitchenware.  We also help them with emotional needs, through counseling at our Patriots Lounge.
Believe it or not, our Paws Partners program is another important way we help Veterans with their psychological and emotional needs.  There is a lot of research that shows that an animal can help a person feel accepted, loved, and safe.  This is very important, especially for Veterans who have experienced homelessness or who are struggling with mental illness or PTSD.  We help Veterans find the right rescued companionship animal that is spayed or neutered, it’s current on its shots, and microchip it through our partnership with WAGS (Westminster Adoptions Groups Services).
A great way to keep up with the ways we help Veterans is to follow our Facebook page.  We post about opportunities to adopt rescue dogs, as well as events for Veterans and military, jobs, and even occasionally vehicles.  Events include concerts, films, and many other opportunities.  We hope you’ll follow along and help us help Veterans.  Our Veterans sacrifice a lot in order to defend our country.  It’s an honor to serve these brave men and women and help them readjust to civilian life.


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