Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Active Military/Veteran, how can Patriots and Paws help me?

At Patriots and Paws we provide items you might need for your home. It could be a couch, a dining room table or even a soup ladle. You contact us and give us your “Wish List”, depending on what has been donated to us; we fill your “Wish List”.

If we don’t have what you need, we wait until it gets donated. You receive it for “FREE”, no strings attached.

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As Active Military/Veteran what do you need from me?

We need a copy of your Military Id or your DD214 along with your “Wish List”.

What does Patriots and Paws consider Active Military/Veteran?

Activity Military means you are actively serving in the military and have a military I.D.

A Veteran has completed his/her term of service and has a DD214 that’s checked Honorable.

Where does the Paws part of Patriots and Paws come in?

When we have Active Military Soldiers, and Veterans who have an interest in an animal, we provide them with a FREE rescue companion animal that is fixed, current on their shots with three months worth of food, so that it isn’t a financial hardship on them.

Right now we are getting our animals from WAGS rescue shelter, and we want to open a kennel so we can house the animals that are available for adopting.

How can I help Patriots and Paws?

Currently at Patriots and Paws we can use donations for our Active Military Soldiers, and Veterans. We are in need of everything.

Our focus is home furnishings, which doesn’t have a limitation. Imagine coming home from a deployment and you need to set up your home. Or, what if you have been homeless and just found housing?  You need everything, therefore we need everything.

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As a non-profit in our infancy stages we are already doing great things, but we can do so much more. We are currently working out of warehouse that we are quickly outgrowing.  If you have, or know of warehouse space in or around Orange or Los Angeles County that you could donate to us, please contact us at

We also need better transportation in forms of trucks so we can do more donation pick-ups.  We are currently renting moving trucks at a significant expense to meet growing donations, and greater need of Active Military Soldiers and Veterans.

Please help us to reduce this cost by achieving our 2014 goal of purchasing 2 moving trucks.  As a result of a special deal that a local dealer has offered us, we only need to raise $25,000 to purchase these trucks.

You can help with this special fundraiser by clicking the button below.

Special Fundraiser to Raise $25,000 for Moving Trucks

As with any non-profits we also need other items, like printing, signage, animal items and store and warehouse fixtures. We also can use cash for other expenses.

Can you use volunteer help?

Yes, at this time we are building our volunteer list, if you are interested please contact us via email at and let us know of your interest.

I work for a Veterinary how can we help Patriots and Paws?

We are glad you asked! We will be in need of some of your services. As we are adopting out animals, we want to be sure that they are fixed and current on their shots and that is where you come in. Please contact us via email

and let us know you are interested in helping us out.

So if we donate to Patriots and Paws can we get a tax donation that the IRS will recognize?

Yes, we are a 501(c) (3) recognized by the IRS. Contributions are deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

We are qualified to receive tax-deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106, or 2522 of this code.

We are a public charity.

How much of your non-profit goes to the Active Military Soldiers, and Veterans?

When donations of home furnishings are donated, the amount that goes to the Active Military, and Veterans depends on how much is on their wish list. Our goal is to help them. We have operational expenses and as we grow we will have more.

At this time the rent on our warehouse and cashless thrift store is our biggest expense.

Our next biggest expense are the rental and operations of moving trucks to pick up donations, and make deliveries to those we serve.

The board and everyone else apart of Patriots and Paws at this time are volunteers. Our future plans include a kennel and with that we will have more expenses, but the needs of the Active Military Soldiers, and Veterans will always come first.

If I want to make a monetary donation how do I get it to Patriots and Paws?

You can donate through our website or you can send it to our mailing address at 9121 Atlanta Ave. #471, Huntington Beach, CA 92646.

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