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If this is the first time you have heard of us, we help our Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists who have sacrificed for us, by providing them basic home furnishings that have been donated by the public, corporations, and other organizations.

These basic home furnishings, that many take for granted, like sofas, dressers, beds, tables, chairs, lamps, kitchenware, appliances, and more, are provided at no charge to any Veteran, Active Duty, or Reservist.

We also help place pets free of charge to those military men and women wanting a four-legged companion.

Have you watched our Founder Video: About Patriots and Paws?

If you have not yet visited our warehouse, please schedule a tour.  Meet Founder Penny Lambright, see what we do first hand, and experience the Patriots and Paws story yourself.

Since Patriots and Paws was founded in 2011, we have had the honor of serving over  8000 Veterans, Active Duty and Reservists, and their immediate families.

It costs us $250.00 per Veteran we service, providing them a very conservative thrift store pricing $700.00 worth of gently used items for their home from our donors at no cost.

The entire program is run with two paid staff – one full time one part-time – and the incredible support of volunteers who give thousands of hours each year.

As Patriots and Paws grows, so does our need for more stable revenue in the form of regular donations.

If you or your business are looking for a great cause to support, and a way to enhance your tax deductions at the end of the year, we would be honored if you would choose us as your charity of choice.

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