Paws Program

Adopting a Dog

As of January 2020, Senate Bill 245 calls on animal shelters throughout the state to waive pet adoption fees for military veterans. California is home to 2 million military veterans, including many who struggle to cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and could benefit from an animal companion. For more information see;

Service Dogs

If you are a Veteran who suffers from PTSD, you might quality for a service dog through Guide Dogs of America see for more information.

Basic Dog Training/Therapy Dogs

If you need basic training for your dog, reach out to our community partners


***We don’t have a rescue and at this time only refer to other agencies.  It is up to you to do your own due diligence on these agencies, we are not affiliated with them, we are only giving you a reference.***

Future Plans

In the future we want to open a dog kennel.   This will provide our Veterans, Active Duty and Reservists, that have no other option to have some one watch/take care of their dog, or cat, they will be able to kennel them with us until they are able to take care of them.

We will offer to the public boarding services for a charge and these funds will allow us to kennel the Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists animals at no cost.

We do not have a current time frame for this, however, we are actively seeking corporate or private sponsors who would be interested in providing the means to make this goal a reality.

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