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We’re so humbled to help our Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists in a way that is changing lives, giving hope and dignity, and letting them know that someone cares. So often we hear, “I didn’t think anyone cared.”

Patriots and Paws knows people care. Our supporters do that with their donations and treasures. Our volunteers do it with their time and talents. Without our donors and our volunteers, our Veterans would be opening doors to empty rooms – sitting, eating, and sleeping on the floor that they call home.

One of our Army Veterans’ story stands out. Michelle is a mother of three, and all under 10. One child has special needs. In addition to transitioning back into civilian life, she is struggling with making sure her daughter is getting the best care she can.

Just recently, Michelle began home schooling her, while making sure her other two children get to all of their activities.

Having basic items in her home gives Michelle dignity and hope that she will make it through this tough time. Now, Michelle’s children are safely riding bikes with helmets and sleeping in comfortable beds provided through generous and caring donors.

Our landlords give us so much liberty to do our mission and for that Patriots and Paws is grateful.  Patriots and Paws is in line with will help over 1200 Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists and their immediate families in 2022

We ask you to consider making a monetary donation  and even becoming a monthly donor. This will allow us to continue the work that Patriots and Paws does. You can also make your donation online here .

All donations help our Veterans, Active Duty, and Reservists create new homes so they can continue to make a difference in our communities across Southern California.

For every Veteran we help, it cost us about $250.00 to keep this amazing work we are doing continue and with your help we can do more.

With gratitude,

Penny Lambright

Founder/Chairman of the Board

Mission Statement :

To provide returning Veterans and their families with home furnishings, and unite them with a rescued animal.

At Patriots and Paws we reduce psychological and financial stress to our Veterans as they transition into civilian life and Active Duty/Reservists as they are returning from deployment, by providing basic home furnishings and necessities for free, resulting in hope and dignity. 

We will also unite them with a rescued animal so it can be trained and become a service animal through our community partners for free, giving them a sense of purpose and emotional support.

Patriots and Paws Giving BackBecause of your generosity, and ongoing support, Patriots and Paws will be able to help our Veterans, Active Duty, Reservists, and their immediate families who have, or still serve our Country, and now need our help by supplying them with essential everyday items like a mattress or a kitchen table.

As a non-profit organization, Patriots and Paws exists today thanks to people like you who care and support our veterans and their families.


Make a One-Time or Recurring Donation

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Donation Total: $50.00 One Time

Five Ways You Can Support Patriots and Paws

  1. Give Cash.  Cash is an easy way to give each year.  You will receive a dated receipt from Patriots and Paws so you can properly document your cash gift.  A canceled check provides sufficient documentation only for gifts by check if they are less than $250.
  2. Give appreciated stock or other property.  When you give property to Patriots and Paws, we’ll sell it, and you will eliminate all the capital gains tax you would have paid had you sold it yourself.  Your gift will be deductible at its full fair market value as of its date of delivery if you have held it for more than one year.
  3. Invest in a life income plan.  A life income gift provides you with payments for the rest of your life, and Patriots and Paws with support thereafter.  If you use appreciated securities that you’ve owned longer than a year to fund the gift, you will be entitled to an income tax deduction based, in part, on the charitable portion of the security’s full value.
  4. Give real estate, artwork, or other tangible personal property.  Give property that would have resulted in the greatest capital gain if you would have sold the asset instead.
  5. Donate a life insurance policy.  A gift of a life insurance policy you no longer need makes a perfect year-end gift.  To qualify as a deductible gift, Patriots and Paws must become the policy owner.  For most types of insurance policies, your tax deduction is usually the cost basis or the fair market value of the policy – whichever is less.

Tax Deductible Donation

  • All contributions to Patriots and Paws are Tax Deductible as applicable by law.
  • We are a 501(c)(3) organization.  Our Federal Tax I.D #38-3852940.
  •  A confirmation receipt will be sent to your email from Patriots and Paws.
  • Please keep your donation receipt(s) for federal income tax filing purposes.
  • Consult your tax professional for your specific situation.

Give a Recurring Gift to Patriots and Paws

You can choose to make a one time donation, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly donation to Patriots and Paws.  Any support is appreciated, and your monthly support is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Each month, there are expenses to operate Patriots and Paws, such as rent for our warehouse, our pickup truck, gasoline, insurance, etc. With your contribution, we can continue our mission to improve the lives of our Veterans, active Military, and their Families.

We need your help in making this charity run consistently. We can’t do it without you!


If you would prefer to contribute by mail

Make Check to: Patriots and Paws

Send Check to:

Patriots and Paws
9121 Atlanta Ave #471
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

This information is not intended as legal or tax advice.  For such advice, please consult an attorney or tax professional.  References to estate and income taxes include federal taxes only.  State income/estate taxes or state law may impact your results.

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